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Offshore Renminbi – Better times ahead

By Kelvin Lau, Becky Liu, Chidu Narayanan   SUMMARY Things are looking up for Renminbi internationalisation in 2018. The CNY has been off to a strong start to…
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Myanmar Legal Landscape

By Derrick Khoo, General Counsel, Marga Group Like a phoenix rising out of the fire, Myanmar is soaring and embracing its new role as the go-to investment desti…
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Seizing China’s ‘new economy’ opportunity

By Clive McDonnell SUMMARY For international investors looking for the next big opportunity, China’s ‘new economy’ companies offer plenty. China’s Belt and Road…
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China’s pursuit of global leadership

By Shuang Ding SUMMARY At a time when the US and other global economies appear to have turned their back on globalisation, China is pursuing an ambitious global…
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本文以商務部對外勞務合作業務統計數據為依據,從國家(地區)、行業、企業三個維度對2017年1-11月中國勞務合作業務情況進行分析,供會員企業了解行業情況,未經授權不得轉載或鏡像。 請按此閱覽原文。
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